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Download DOS utilities

If you have downloaded a large file to a PC and you don't have the PC networked to your unix machine, we have two utilities that can help you.

One is dossplit.exe. You run the program in the dos prompt window. Example:
dossplit largefile outfile
dossplit will read the file largefile and write out files with the names: outfile.aa, outfile.ab,, etc., each file of size 1,400K bytes until all of the input file has been split out. Each file will fit on a 3 1/2 inch floppy. After copying to a unix machine simply type:
cat outfile.* > largefile
Download dossplit.exe

For your convenience we also have included a program that can put split files back together on a dos machine. To use the program type:
unsplit files. outfile
where you have files with the names: files.aa, files.ab,, etc.., and those files are put back together to make the file outfile.
Download unsplit.exe

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