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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library

Product Review

Available for Microsoft Windows and Linux

Introducing: Dosimetry Check

A new concept in radiation therapy quality control.

Make a "measured" picture of each field and then recalculate the dose distribution based upon those measured fields. Compare to the plan to check for any errors.

Also transit dosimetry, will reconstruct the dose from integrated exit images taken during treatment.
Uses EPID on conventional linacs, detectors on TomoTherapy machine.

Click here Radiation Therapy Quality Control to learn about this new concept. U.S. Patents 6,853,702, 8,351,572, 8,605,857.
FDA 510(k) K010225, K101503, K132605, K162577 (CE Mark)

Or use this software to simply display isodose curves on a fused image set , such as MRI;
or use as a treatment viewing station, including stereoscoptic vision.

Introducing: MarkRT (VGRT, XMark)

for Image Guided Radiation Therapy with Implanted Markers

Use MarkRT (VGRT, XMark) with point or linear implanted markers to solve for patient alignment. Align using region of interest outlines.
Consult for sales: Brad Wilso, Email and
FDA 510(k) K050372

Introducing: MillComp

A Program to Make Compensators on Milling Machines

Accomplish Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) without a multi-leaf collimator using compensators manufactured with program MillComp.
FDA 510(k) K011845

Introducing: System 2100

A Radiological Image Display System.

System 2100 from Math Resolutions LLC is a radiological image display system that runs on Silicon Graphics Unix computers.

Click here Image Display System to learn about this advanced system.

FDA 510(k) K993530

Introducing: RtDosePlan

Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning with Forward Planning

Radiation therapy treatment planning system with support for multi-leaf collimators and forward planning. Program will generate static beams at selected gantry angle intervals conformed to a target less the projection of other organs at risk. Four algorithms are provided to solve for beam weights.
FDA 510(k) K022961

C++ Library: This software package can also serve as a foundation toolkit C++ library for projects in the radiological sciences.

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