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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library

Dosimetry Check (TM)

Quality Control System for Radiation Therapy

Conventional Linac and TomoTherapy, pre-treatment and exit-transit dosimetry

FDA 510(k) K010225, K101503, K132605, K162577; U.S. Patents 6,853,702, 8,351,572, 8,605,857

CE Mark

Introductory Movies

IMAT (RapidArc, Vmat) Case MLC Quality Control Tool

Example Cases

Varian RapidArc Example Varian IMRT Example
Elekta VMAT Example Example Exit-Transit case
PTW 2D 729 versus EPID example Map Check versus EPID example

General How To Information

How Dosimetry Check Works What to do for a negative result.
Step 1 Using Dosimetry Check Step 2 Using Dosimetry Check.
Dose Comparison Tools Comparing Single Beams
Comparing Composite Beams Dosimetry Check is Self Testing
Use to view plans from other systems Using EPID's and other electronic devices
Quick Start with EPID Guide to use with Eclipse and Varian EPID
Quick Start with Film Locate Field Tutorial

General Technical Information

Dosimetry Check Dose Algorithm Published papers on Dosimetry Check
Required Beam Data Link to On Line Manuals
Download the Power Point slide show.
Download Example Cases (for Windows install) Use For Image Fusion
Patent Status Known Bugs
CPT billing codes Film Scanners
Kodak EDR2 Film Kodak Therapy Verification Film

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