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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library

Downloading MRI Contours to CT Scans for Input to Treatment Planning Systems

Any planning system that can read contours from the Picker AcruSim can read contours from System 2100. Two dimensional contours are spliced into the DICOM image file for each CT scan. Because of this method only contours lying in the plane of each image can be downloaded.

After achieving image fusion between MRI and CT, go under Fusion Options on the Stacked Image Set pulldown menu. Then select Display Equivalent planes to display MRI images in the planes of the CT images. Do your outlining on those reformatted MRI images. Contours on other planes cannot be written to the DICOM image file for this purpose.

Then under Volume on the Contours toolbar, select Copy Volume. Copy the volumes you outlined on the MRI image set to the CT image set.

Next go to Options under Stacked Image Set and select Output Contours. On the popup that comes up select "Output 2d coplanar contours to image files". Be sure to select the CT image set. Then select the volumes that you want to download. Hit the Save As button and on the next popup pick a directory to save the DICOM files in and specify a root name to use for the files that will be created. Have the planning system read those files as a new case. Both the CT scan and the contours for each image will be written to each file.

Download Planning Systems to System 2100 and Dosimetry Check

You can also download CT scans, outlined regions of interest, beam positions, and the 3d dose matrix to System 2100 and Dosimetry Check. After creating RTOG files run program ReadRtogCheck to read the RTOG files and write the information into the patient directory. Or run program ReadDicomCheck to read the same from Dicom RT files. System 2100 will pick up the CT scans and outlined regions of interest, Dosimetry Check will also pick up the beam positions and 3d dose matrix.

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