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Available for Microsoft Windows and Linux systems

with stereoscoptic vision

As of November 2021, the functionality of Dosimetry Check is now available in the RadCalc product. See

Announcement: As of July 3, 2017, , makers of RadCalc, has bought Dosimetry Check and all the products of Math Resolutions. This purchase/merger combines the strengths of both companies for better development and customer support in the future. LifeLine Software is now owned by LAP.

As of July 22, 2018, Math Resolutions no longer has CE Mark for Dosimetry Check and is no longer maintaining ISO 13485 certification. Please direct all inquiries to LifeLife Software concerning the status of Dosimetry Check and other products of Math Resolutions that were sold to LifeLine Software in July 2017. Existing customers in the European Union may continue to use the product that they purchased when the certificate was in force.
US FDA 510(k) clearance for the products of Math Resolutions are still maintained with the US FDA.

  • For true 3D IMRT and IMAT dose verification and dose reconstruction with absolute dose using available EPID, ion chamber array, or diode array for conventional linacs, and the TomoTherapy detector array for TomoTherapy:
    Dosimetry Check (TM) ..... (CE Mark) FDA cleared.

    A Radiation Therapy Quality Control System
    • Measure the radiation fields pre-treatment.
    • OR measure the fields during treatment for exit (transit) dose reconstruction.
    • Using measurement is working backwards to compute the dose to the patient.
    • Compare to the plan dose.
    • Leaves no doubt.

    Dosimetry Check Technical Information

    Green is plan dose, magenta is reconstructed dose, in cGy.

  • Image Guided Radiation Therapy System with Implanted Point or Linear Markers
    MartRT (VGRT)

  • Radiation Therapy IMRT Treatment Planning

  • Compensator Milling Program for Radiation Therapy

  • Radiological Image Display System
    System 2100

  • C++ Library available for projects.
    C++ Library

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