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Mapping the Print Screen Key in X

On Microsoft Windows computers with Exceed

You use the Print Screen key on the keyboard to print image frames in our program. To enable the Print Screen key to work with our program, the key must be mapped in X.

First run program Xconfig. Either type Xconfig in a command prompt window or go to Start -> Hummingbird -> Exceed ->Xconfig. You will get the below popup up. Click on the "Mouse, Keyboard and other Input Devices" icon.

On the popup for Keyboard mapping, Select the "Keyboard Input" tab. On the popup for Keyboard mapping, Primary, click on "Edit". If that is grayed out use the Alternate Edit.

On the picture of the keyboard, double click the mouse on the picture of the Print Screen key.

You will get the below popup. Click on the drop down menu for "Symbol Set" and select "Keyboard". In the "Keysyms" list, select "Print".

Then click on the "Select Keysym" button. The value in the "Unshifted" field should now show "Print".
Click on "Apply", which will appear ungrayed out after the above select click, and then click on "OK".
Select "Save" under "File" on the keyboard picture window to save the change.

Within our program, click the mouse on any window and then hit the Print Screen button. You will get the below popup.

Other tricks for printing pictures off the screen. Get focus on a any window, then hit the Alt key and then the Print Screen key. Bring up program Paint or Word or Power Point, and type control V to deposit and display the image. If you just hit the Print Screen key, you will get the entire screen. You can then print from the program you brought up.

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